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Yori’s Bakery is a family owned and operated retail bakery that specializes in the creation of custom cakes, pastries, cookies, donuts, and traditional holiday treats. All of the baking is done on premise, guaranteeing the freshest products. We make all of our baked goods from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients. We take pride in producing fresh, delicious tasting baked goods seven days a week.


At the bakery, I encourage my staff to use their creativity to produce new and unique treats for others to enjoy. My staff and I have a great passion for the art of baking, and take great pride in putting a smile on our customers faces with our baked goods. We love being your local West Chester bakery and creating mouthwatering baked goods at a reasonable price.

Butter cookies in Display Case at Yori's Bakery
Yori's Bakery Interior



I started working in a bakery when I was 15 years old as an extra set of hands. All through high school and college I worked at the bakery and as I got handed more responsibilities my passion for baking grew. By working along side a master baker I was able to learn the trade of baking, later picking up two more part time jobs in two other bakeries. By the time I graduated from West Chester University in 2009, I was holding three part time bakery jobs.


At the bakery I started out at in high school I became the lead baker, and at my part time bakery job I became a decorator. My interest in bakeries had grown tremendously, sparking interest of opening up my own bakery. All through college I had thought about opening my own bakery. Due to the fact that there were no bakeries in town, I always felt that West Chester would be the perfect spot for one.


When I finally decided to start looking at locations for my very own bakery, I was shown many different locations available for rent. Some of these locations did spark my interest, but none compared to the 15 North Church Street location. Right in the center of town the location was perfect and the building was beautiful. I made it official and signed the lease in January of 2012 and immediately started installing equipment, acquiring permits, and getting proper ventilation. Everything I could have needed was started right away. I opened Yori’s Bakery on June 23, 2012.


Baking has always been a passion of mine but I have also been blessed to have the support of my family. My family has provided help and support throughout the whole process of opening the bakery. To this day they continue to help out at the bakery whenever they can. My wife, who I met while working at a bakery, stuck by my side and helped open the bakery with me.  She has been a decorator, manager and my biggest supporter since day one. 



The Yori Family

Cake Decorating

Our cake decorators work very hard to suit your individual needs.  At the same time they are creative artists that may infuse their own flare into the decorating work.  Because of this the cake that you get may not be exactly like the picture that you have in your mind. The decorators also mix all of the colors by hand according to the description of the cake order, because of this there may be slight variations in the shade of color that we are trying to match.  If you have an idea of a specialty decoration for your cake please feel free to bring in a picture when placing the order. 

Return policy

We strive for each or our customers to be 100% satisfied with our bakery products.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our baked goods please call the bakery immediately.  Please ask to speak to the owner Dave Yori, if he is not available at the moment please leave your name, phone number and an a brief description of the problem with a sales associate.  We will not issue a refund for any product unless it is brought back to the bakery for inspection in a timely manner.  In some cases we will offer to fix a mistake, replace a product or issue a gift card towards future purchases. 


We do provide delivery for our bakery products in the West Chester area. There is a minimum of $50.00 for any delivery. In addition, there will be a delivery charge of $10.00 up to $50.00 depending on the distance of the location from the bakery. Delivery of wedding cakes is priced separately from the cake. When placing a delivery order, we will need the full address, a contact person, the contact person's phone number, a 1-hour window of time for the delivery and any special instructions.

Payment Terms

We accept cash, all forms of credit and debit cards and business checks.  We do not accept personal checks.  Payment is required upon pick up.  In the case of tier cakes, novelty cakes, wedding cakes or any elaborate decorating a deposit will be required upon placing the order.  The balance for the cake will also be required 2 days before pick up. We require 48 hours notice for any order cancellations, 15% of the total order cost will be withheld for our processing and service fees.

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